Honing That Competitive Edge: The Attraction of Apartment WiFi

Offering amenities that put your apartments head-and-shoulders above the competition is a marketing strategy that works — without question.
Let’s face it. Many apartments offer the same features. So what makes your apartment community special? What’s that one thing that makes the light bulb go on, followed by, “This is where I want to live; hand me the apartment rental agreement”?

According to “ApartmentNext,” here’s how 8 out of 10 residents in a recent survey responded in ranking their #1 amenity choice: They are concerned with Internet services in their apartment community, and apartment WiFi is the top on their “wish list.” Eight out of ten — 80%! A pool was the only other amenity that came anywhere near the top of that ranking. According to the same survey, only 45% cared about a fitness center and less than 10% cared about having a clubhouse as part of their apartment community. Storage spaces warranted a measly 35% favorable vote. Hands down, apartment wireless is the most important tool in the marketplace for sustaining and increasing occupancy.

Marketing differentiation is critical to all businesses. Ask yourself this: What makes someone choose to become a resident in my apartment community, or equally important, want to remain a resident? How do I fill vacancies?

Apartment wireless service should leap into mind. It’s no  secret that in today’s environment, people expect WiFi as the norm. Starbucks figured that out long ago, and it’s certainly served them well.

“Our team was visiting an apartment community in Denver last week,” says PowerHour® President Ernest Oriente, “where two weeks prior we had installed and turned on the community-wide apartment WiFi. The leasing agent immediately got up from behind his desk and trotted over, saying en route, ‘This apartment wireless is the best thing that’s ever happened to us! And we love the custom marketing materials that promote our apartment community WiFi service as a unique resident amenity!’ Enthused, we listened intently as the leasing agent went on to say, ‘We’re really emphasizing apartment WiFi in our discussions with prospects, and I was able to sign three new leasing agreements this week based just on the WiFi feature!’

“I said to him, ‘Your beautiful apartment community complex has a theater, pool, fitness center, you’re situated on a lake — why do you think apartment wireless made such an impact?’

‘See that apartment community across the lake?’ he responded. ‘They have exactly the same amenities we do, and the building was constructed at the same time. Apartment WiFi is the only thing that sets us apart. And people were so thrilled about our community-wide apartment wireless service that it became the major deciding factor for leasing with us.’”

Oriente went on to say, “That was such a great report to hear directly from this leasing agent. We’ve really catapulted our business to the top of apartment WiFi installation and support, and I’m proud to say that PowerHour® WiFi solutions are managed by a team that is the nationwide leader in apartment WiFi solutions for the multi-family industry, so you can rely confidently on the finest in the business.”

By offering apartment WiFi, you’re giving your leasing agents a unique tool in this competitive apartment rental housing environment. Just about everyone expects laundry facilities, a pool, parking — but apartment wireless services? Now you’re talking! The bonus of apartment WiFi can very easily convert a phone call into a leasing tour, and a leasing appointment into a signed rental agreement.

And let’s not overlook the importance of keeping existing residents happy. By offering community-wide apartment wireless service, they will feel as though you’re paying attention to their needs, staying up-to-date with services, and continue to value (and reward) their loyalty.

So where do you start?

PowerHour® is an innovative company specializing in services for apartment communities and property management companies, offering advanced WiFi internet access for apartment communities across the nation. “We’ve been in this industry since 1988 and understand the challenges and opportunities from an apartment and property management perspective,” states Oriente. “We are a trusted resource; when we put our name on something, you can be assured it will go well. We deliver on our promises. With a reach of 25,000,000+ apartment units around the United States and our work in the industry for the past 23 years, our clients know they can trust our team to deliver on our PowerHour® apartment wireless solutions.”

To learn more about PowerHour® WiFi solutions visit: http://www.powerhour.com/propertymanagement/apartmentwifi.html

PowerHour Proudly Announces National WiFi Solution for Apartment Communities

PowerHour®, an innovative company specializing in services for apartment communities and property management companies, is proud to announce advanced WiFi internet access for apartment communities across the nation.

“When I read the survey by Turner Research showing how high WiFi ranked on the ‘wish list’ for apartment residents, I got really excited!” says PowerHour® President Ernest Oriente. “In reality, only a small percentage of residents use fitness or business centers, for example, but almost all of them use Internet services. From a management and ownership perspective, having WiFi is a powerful marketing tool for increasing and sustaining occupancy. WiFi is something residents want, and having that service available is very alluring.”

In today’s competitive apartment rental housing environment, differentiating an apartment community from all the others is critically important in attracting new residents. Residents want WiFi — it’s just that simple. Highlighting WiFi as an amenity in your marketing campaign separates your apartment community from the competition, drawing sought-after attention from potential new residents.

PowerHour® understands the importance of lending its expertise to its property management clients, and their investment in the WiFi business extends far beyond installation and service. “I really want our clients to succeed!” smiles Oriente.

“PowerHour® will help support your marketing campaign by creating custom promotional pieces about your new WiFi service, including banners and postcards focused on your specific apartment community. Imagine a huge banner on the outside of your apartment building announcing WiFi service in your rental units. New and future residents will be attracted because of their desire for WiFi, and in a blink of an eye WiFi becomes the deciding factor in their rental decision. And, we build a custom-designed portal page that is tailored specifically for your residents…and they will love it!”

Technical support is critical for electronic services, and PowerHour’s® WiFi internet access comes with a solid support team that’s available 24/7/365 to handles the complete monitoring