Herein are 4 search engines to find properties for Sale or Lease.

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You may search for Residential or Commercial Office, Multifamily, Warehouse, Retail, Industrial, Special Purpose, and other uses.

You may specify by area, price, zip code, size, age, capitalization rate, income and expenses for properties any area in the United States.

You will see a list of properties meeting your criteria and photos, descriptions, and can zoom in or out with maps.

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A national property search database ( very complete )



A database of the Houston and surrounding areas.

( Properties are limited to brokers who are Realtors )


City Feet – Multifamily properties

City Feet – All Commercial Property Types 

National database

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HAR has up to 12 apt units

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Single Family Homes

Townhomes and Condos

Multifamily – 12 apts or less