Have A Smarter Real Estate Experience. 

A discussion with your members, associates and colleagues to avoid "Real Estate Snakes, Landmines and Grass Fires."

We reveal the Not Obvious pitfalls of real estate.

Discussions can be 30 minutes to one hour.

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24 years ago,

the residential purchase contract had 5 pages.  Now there are 12 pages . . . . plus numerous addendums and amendments.


The commercial property purchase contract has grown to 14 pages . . . plus amendments and addendums.


The entities below, may require their own additional notifications and required docs.

  • institution,

  • agency,

  • company,

  • association,

  • taxing jurisdiction

  • Management district

  • Historic district

with changing personnel and policies.

There may be 21 people involved in your transaction.

  • Buyer

  • Seller

  • Buyer agent

  • Seller agent

  • Title company

  • Building Inspector

  • Bug inspector

  • Mold inspector

  • Environmental consultant

  • Hydrostatic plumbing inspector

  • Surveyor

  • 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange 3rd Party Intermediary

  • Commercial mortgage broker

  • Residential mortgage broker

  • Property manager

  • Owners association

  • Residential appraiser

  • Commercial appraiser

  • Residential lender

  • Commercial lender

  • Insurance agent

  • Oops . . . . do not forget the lawyers

There are many forms to understand and weave.

72 forms at Texas Association of Realtors

21 forms from Houston Association of Realtors

32 forms at Texas Real Estate Commission

34 forms with National Association of Realtors

Comprised of contracts, addendums, amendments, bulletins, and notifications and warnings.

We can discuss almost any real estate subject.

Texas licensed real estate agent since 1994

Texas licensed real estate broker since 2009

National and Texas and Houston Association of Realtors since 1994

Texas licensed Property Tax Consultant since 1990 and a licensed Senior Property Tax Consultant since 2008

3 years experience as a registered property tax Arbitrator, to decide disputes between the County Appraisal  District and property owner tax payers.

We can discuss and answer questions from your crowd.

If you have a real estate problem, we can talk about the real issues of your dilemma or challenge.

This is not meant to be a talking advertisement, because I like helping people.

We can have a conversation about Real Estate Snakes, Landmines and Grass Fires.

Contact us to set a time and place for your group real estate discussion.

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