Disruption of Bed and Breakfast and hotels
I have been to AirBnB meetups each month to learn more about what is happening.
There is an entire industry and supporting ancillary services.
Some home owners offer the extra room in their home.
There are hundreds of homes and apartments which are booked for short term hospitality to a variety of guests which have different reasons.
Some guests want privacy. Other guests may want their family or group to be in one residence behind one door. They may want a larger space inside or outside.

They may want to be nearer to a specific destination such as entertainment and business venues or outdoor parks or even learning centers.
Some AirBnB providers offer just a place to rest or sleep while others offer an entire experience. These might be outdoor teepee and tents near national parks or they convert a train caboose to residential living.
I know a provider host in Houston that owns an 8 plex multifamily building. Each unit is dedicated to be a hospitality host unit. He has painted one unit interior to look like a colorful rubics cube.
There are ancillary services to help manage these hospitality doors.
There are services dedicated to house cleaning, accounting, booking and entire property management.
They install special Wifi internet door locks and outside entry door video surveillance.
There are providers of furniture and kitchen utensils

Some entrepreneurs are doing AirBnB arbitrage to bear the entire burden and responsibility of providing hospitality. They long term lease homes or apartments and then advertise short terms AirBnB hospitality.
They have a domain name and website to lend credibility so that landlord will sign a long term lease with the assurance that an AirBnB provider will be a better cleaner tenant. Some hosts have enough doors to hire a local manager host.
The hotel hospitality industry complained to city officials that this private hospitality distruption was unfair because hotels charge a city tax to guests and forward it to the city.
The Guests log into the online booking website which had maps, photos and descriptions of each property of hospitality provider. They can filter the type of accommodation the guest is looking for. The prospective guest can see the evaluation and reviews of previous guests.
They can search by map area, by price and by the number of beds. The guest can specify if they are looking for an entire home or just one room.

After the guest leaves, the website server sends an email survey asking the guest to evaluate the service of the hospitality provider. The best rating is “SuperHost”.
That is what you want when you have a party at your home.

There are online internet advertisements for you to attend seminars, webinars and books to start a successful hospitality business.
There are 2 Houston AirBnB Host facebook groups