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Can a homeowner trim a neighbor’s tree when the limbs cross the property line? How do you get a Texas real estate license? What’s the median price of an existing Midland home? Why are water rights being bought and sold? My landlord won’t install a smoke detector. What can I do?

Everyone has real estate questions. The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University has the answers.

The Center is the nation’s largest publicly funded organization devoted to real estate research. Most of our $2 million in annual funding comes from real estate license fees paid by more than 140,000 professionals. A nine-member advisory committee appointed by the governor provides research guidance and approves the budget.

The Center’s staff conducts research on financial, socioeconomic, public policy, trade, legal, land use and local market analysis issues related to real estate.

The results of Center research are communicated in a variety of formats, including this website, print publications (many of which are available as free downloads) and videos. The Center’s flagship periodical — Tierra Grande, a quarterly magazine — has a circulation of 142,000. Twice a week, an electronic real estate newsletter, Real Estate Center Online News (RECON) is sent to over 30,000 subscribers. Our most requested publications (listed below) reflect the wide variety of issues our constituents want to know about.

  • English-Spanish Real Estate Glossary
  • Landlords’ and Tenants’ Guide
  • The Texas Deer Lease
  • The Texas Property Tax System
  • Hints on Negotiating an Oil and Gas Lease
  • Market reports on Texas’ 25 MSAs