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Use on your desktop or phone or tablet.

Change the financial info and Input your property pertinent data, such as rent revenue and itemized expenses. This app can help:

Excellent tool for owners of properties such as
• Multifamily apartment residences
• Office buildings
• Retail strip centers
• Warehouses for lease

Input your own property financial data, such as rent revenue and itemized expenses.

Uses for this financial analysis tool

• Create a strategy to increase your property value
• Make a strategic plan to sell your property at a higher price
• Prepare evidence for property tax reduction hearing.
• Prevent you from offering a high purchase price not acceptable to a lender, thus saving acquisition costs.


Listen 2 minutes to Khristen, who says: “When I find a broker who is attentive to details and know the market, I want to pass you along to others. In an orderly numbers based fashion, you help me determine property values.”

You may use this app as the guide to:

• Help you prepare to sell your property,
• Refinance a loan you already have,
• Figure how much to offer for purchase of an income property.

Accurately know
• Current and future values
• Cash on cash return
• Rent per square foot
• Expenses per square foot
• Expense as % of revenues

Use this as a guide to help you prepare to sell your property or to refinance your loan.

A lender will need this information.

Use this to know what you will need and why it is needed.

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You can determine the financial investment cash flow to a buyer, when you input the % down payment and the lender % loan interest rate.

If you need to make repairs, the tool will give “Cash on Cash” Investment % return.

Value per square foot

Value per rental unit

Total Property Value