Today Sept 2, I finished the last of 38  treatments at MD Anderson Proton Treatment Center.  One treatment each day, Monday through Friday for 8 weeks. Here is a link a five minute video of the  Gong Ceremony.

It was fun and heartwarming. I had initially written a prepared statement as an outline, and the ceremony had additional  impromptu moments.  Here below is the original prepared statement if you computer does not have audio speakers.


Thank you for being here to share this moment.  It is important to me and and maybe to you if you tell others about this wonderful facility and treatment center.Tell them about MD Anderson and the proton treatment center which can treat cancers of lung, liver, breast, eye, brain and prostate.The technicians who work in the prostate treatment room, know that the really hard job at at the other end of the hall in the rooms that treat children with brain cancer.  I see them delivered here by ambulance.I suggest that you each read and know about proton treatment so that you can tell you friends and their friends.

I expect to be making 15 minutes power point presentations to organizations in the Houston area. Please phone me to discuss any of your organizations which I might contact.

Unfortunately 80% of surgeons do not tell their patients about proton treatment because they do not understand proton treatment and they prefer to do surgery.

My original urologist surgeon, is one of the finest prostate surgeons, yet he did not tell me about proton treatment to allow me to make the decision.
The surgeon  actually suggested that proton treatment might miss the target and accidently hit other vital areas.

After my 38 treatments, I do not notice any significant side effects and all of my parts seem to work good.

I was fortunate to find out about this facility through my sister in law, Diane Langdon, who knew Greg Moore who had successfully completed proton treatment in 2005 at Loma Linda in California. He encouraged me to move to and through the proton process.

Hopefully you can tell your friends also.

The process is enhanced by the other patients in the gown room.
Where else in Houston can you find 5 old men wearing dresses drinking water.

They put on their hospital gowns to prepare for treatment and drink water and tell jokes.  We compare notes on our past and our progress, thus I learned that cranberry pills gave me relief from a minor inconvenience.
These old men told me more about the process and what to expect. No need to be concerned, it is not a big deal, unless you do not get the treatment.

I would like to thank the staff and technicians and doctors at MD Anderson Proton Treatment Center. They do a great efficient job and smile while doing it. Everybody here makes this easier.  They work to make patients happy and healthy.

Let me say a prayer.

Dear God, thank you for this wonderful facility and the efforts of the fine people who work here.  Let them continue to make patients to be happy and healthy.  Help them in the future to find other methods to treat other types of cancer.  Please help us to spread the word about the efforts and knowledge of people at this institution that cures cancer.  Amen


Then I made some personal presentations.