Occassionally, I rant and whine about challenges faced in my real estate career. This was a new experience.

Seller would raise the price when a buyer made an offer to purchase, then with a high final full price offer, seller wanted buyer to pay all of the sales commissions. The Buyer walked away.

In this video, forgot to mention that one of the four buyers did get an contract accepted by seller and the buyer had requested a specific title company which turned out to be bogus. I drove to find to the title company office which did not exist, no such street. The bogus title company created a fake title commitment with a company chairman which was actually with a another different title company. Buyer said that he got return of his down payment.

Four months later, someone forged a deed and the seller had to hire an attorney to ask the court to restore his ownership title.

Hmmm… How did the forger get a copy of seller signature ??