Welcome to the poodle ranch
This is where the herd grazes so we’re trying to close a small multifamily apartment property built in 1984 which is in the city of Houston

After a licensed inspection the buyer asked the seller to provide $20,000 so that seller could so that the buyer could do repairs.
It’s a four-plex and they allege that it was the worst of the other 16 four-plex buildings in the neighborhood eventually we settled on $2,000 to buyer could could use for repairs.
The seller would give $2,000 to the buyer for repairs instead of 20,000.

The roof is 3 years old and the and the owner has replaced two of the air conditioning condensers.
The mail is delivered by a postmaster office in a neighboring nearby city and thus the appraisal Tax Office’s uses that as the city address for the property

I sold 8 other four-plexs of these 16 in this subdivision and this has never been an issue in the past because but now it’s a problem because the lender is requiring that the that the other city address be used as the address on the contract they don’t want to accept the legal description in Harris County.
We will try to abide by the lenders wishes will try to accommodate and I we spend a lot of time dealing with these nightmares and grass fires and snakes and land mines

Oddly enough the the buyer asked for an amendment to the contract to close on
owner before the the 22nd so we sent them an amendment signed by the seller to close honor before of the 28th
That wasn’t satisfactory so this is Lester at the poodle ranch go by our website at https://houstonius.com
Thank you very much …. we’ll talk to you another time