Last week we closed on a 39 unit multifamily apartment property. We often have stand between buyers and sellers. Issues became overheated.

It usually is Not a good idea for buyer and sellers to interact. Sometimes emotions get intense. Sellers have hired our team after they have found the buyer. (and visa versa).




Prospective clients do not know that most of my team work time is spent after the purchase agreement has been signed and usually my team works without the immediately knowledge of the buyers and sellers.

It would not surprise me if our team members had 50 phone calls and face to face visits after the purchase contract was signed.

 Our team members talk to ….


Brokers and agents


Building inspectors

EPA inspectors

Bug inspectors

Land Surveyors

Insurance agents and their inspectors

Title Company closers

Repair and maintenance contractors

Property Managers

Building tenants

Utility provider companies

Government agencies and city departments

 Continue talking to prospective buyers and their brokers, to secure backup offers

Then close the deal.