You may wish to reduce your real property taxes on buildings and land.

Businesses are also required to file a rendition of for their business personal property owned, such as furniture, fixtures, and equipment. There are different filing requirements.

Link to Harris County Appraisal District

Link to other Texas County Appraisal Districts.

In most cases, the deadline to file a notice of protest of the appraised taxable value of your real property (buildings and land)  is

May 15

or 30 days after your received a notice of change of your taxable value

Here is the fillable form, to fill in, then print.

Here is form to print then fill in.

How to present your case at the Appraisal Review Board Hearing.

You will receive a written notice of your hearing date and the date is also published on the County Appraisal District website on the data page of your property.

If you are not satisfied with the hearing and resulting value of the Appraisal Review Board, you have 45 days to either ask for binding arbitration or file a lawsuit in District Court.

Here is link to request binding arbitration.

Special Note: If you wish to sell your property during the next 18 months, it may be wise NOT to reduce your appraised taxable value,

because buyers look to see the County Appraisal District’s opinion of value.

If your property sales asking price is substantially higher than the Appraisale District value, then buyer’s will offer you less money to buy your property.  This could cause a substantially lower sales price. It might be better to pay the higher taxes and get a higher sales price.

That is a bitter pill to swallow, but true.

Many owners prefer to hire professional Property Tax Consultants

because they value professional expertise or the owner’s time is valuable

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